Female Commercial Voice Over

What makes a good commercial voice over?

The most effective commercials are created so the audience will not only remember the ad, and the message behind the ad, but also the brand, the viewer’s connection to it, and the way all of it together made them feel. An ad needs to spark a connection. Without that spark, people might hear your commercial but not really listen. They might remember the commercial a few days later…but not the connection they felt to your brand or product. That connection is key.

So, how do you build that connection in just 10, 15, 30 seconds? The story. The style. The tone. The sound. The voice. All of it comes together to create your message, to build a connection with your brand.

Therefore, choosing just the right commercial voice over talent to tell your story is one of the most important parts of producing an effective commercial. Should you use a female commercial voice over talent with a young, playful voice? Or a voice with an older more serious tone? All of these things need to be considered and decided based on your product, your customer, the story, style and tone you’re setting.

However, you also need to think about the commercial voice itself and how it can help make that connection. Is it relatable? Or, is it simply distracting? Sometimes a voice can be so different and unique that it’s all the audience focuses on, taking away from the message itself. Does the commercial voice artist speak the way your audience speaks? And does it sound authentic and natural? Or, does the voice have more of an announcer quality to it? An intentional affect to set the tone?

All of these things need to be considered when choosing the right commercial voice over talent.

Beth has been specializing in commercial voice overs for over a decade. She has the range and experience to help bring the right voice to your brand or product