Female Voice Over Narration

Narration Voice Over, also sometimes called Corporate Voice Over, or Industrial Voice Over is basically a catch phrase that comprises the majority of voice over work, from documentaries to audiobooks to e-learning.

As a female narration voice over talent specializing in e-learning, Beth can bring a natural relatable tone to your project.

According to Voices.com there are 3 key factors in choosing a narration voice over talent for educational media.

  1. Choose a voice over talent that sounds like a peer – People tend to listen better to people who sound the way they sound.
  2. Choose a natural sounding voice – While it’s tempting to use an announcer style voice for narration, similar to what you’d hear in a documentary piece, in an interactive setting most people learn best from a natural, friendly, pleasant voice.
  3. Choose a voice that creates a connection – Think about the learners and how much time they’ll have to spend listening to the same voice. Choosing a narrative voice over talent who speaks in a relatable, natural, non-affected tone goes a long way in helping to not only engage but also sustain the learner’s attention.

Beth’s combined background in Educational Media and well-established career as a female narration voice-over talent make her a clear choice for your e-learning project.