Female Radio Imaging Voice Over & TV Promo

What is Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging is the term used to describe the sound effects, voice over, music and jingles that all come together to give a radio station it’s sound, or what is often referred to in the industry as “sonic branding”.

Similar to radio imaging voice overs, a TV promo voice will set the tone for a television station’s branding. While the reads are different, the goal is the same…to connect with your audience.

A good radio imaging voice or TV promo voice will help set the tone, mood and feel of your station, so choosing a voice that can cut through and stand out with your listener demographics is key. More so, choosing a voice that can stand out from all the other voices on-air competing for the listeners’ attention is vital.

Beth began her voice over career in radio, and as a female imaging voice talent she has been helping radio stations around the world do just this.

Recently named to Benztown 50, a list of the top 50 imaging voice over talent in radio in the US & Canada, Beth is honored to be included with such an elite group of male and female radio imaging talent.

She specializes in helping small market stations have a big market sound (but not too big!). In additional to being a female imaging voice on over 100 radio stations around the country, Beth is also the imaging voice for podcasts and non-terrestrial radio stations. With a professional imaging voice you can make your podcast sound like a major market radio program. Let Beth help you do it!

Get in touch to find out how Beth can bring her unique style and delivery to your radio station, TV station or podcast…and don’t forget to ask how Benztown can help make it easier.